Why Probacto is Not A Scam, and Competitors are Absolutely Jealous That Their Product is Inferior

I've been trying to take various probiotics for over 10 years for my gut dysbiosis, and had little to no luck. I was completely heartbroken because supplement after supplement left me with nothing but disappointment. In fact it wasn't really limited to just supplements, I've tried homemade kefir, yogurt, fermented vegetables (kimchi), and really nothing helped.

I've been to several naturopaths and simply stumped them. I've done NAET, acupuncture, and honestly it just left me more disappointed. Every possible hope that I've had was immediately shut down. It was like I couldn't do anything right, and I was made to be sick. I'm sure I'm not the only one who has experienced what I have, but honestly I really felt like I was all alone in this world.

Nobody really understood me, my husband didn't understand, my closest friends, even doctors were like "are you sure it's not just in your head"? I've been prescribed valiums for gut problems. I didn't have crohns.

The problem was even when I was eating completely healthy, my stomach wasn't right. It was never right, and there was clearly an imbalance.

Things that can cause gut dysbiosis is antibiotics, birth control, hormones, immunosuppressants like steroids (think asthma inhalers), diet, alcohol, stress.

Some symptoms that you will see with gut dysbiosis are:

One of the big symptoms of gut dysbiosis is candida. You might be suffering from yeast infections, ringworm, athlete's foot, oral thrush, etc. It can even be in your gut as well, and is really terrible to suffer from. I do believe I had candida in my gut because what I did ended up curing many of my symptoms, and I've never felt better after doing it.

So what gut dysbiosis basically is, is that the beneficial bacteria in my gut is in imbalance. There are hundreds of trillions of bacteria in your gut, and imagine many of them died at once. This is a serious problem. I'm sure a doctor could explain it better than I can, but I'm just telling you how I understand it, and what I did to treat myself. The problem is none of the probiotics work well, except for one.

I know this sounds ridiculous, but I didn't find out about it from an ND, but from an MD. An actual Medical Doctor that I went to told me that most of the probiotics on the market are complete scams. They do not have the actual bacteria that they claim, and then they advertise insane numbers like 50 billion bacteria per capsule, but they are really just cheap. Even the ones that you get in the stores. The ONLY probiotic that he found that worked is called Probacto, and many other companies are trying to shut it down.

There's a few things that make Probacto different than other probiotic supplements out there. Starting from the capsule, it is extra thick so it can withstand your stomach acids for about 45 minutes. Using that it can get into your intestines. So it's essentially an enteric capsule, but it's not as enteric coatings are bad for you (it's literally coating it in plastic), but Probacto uses a vegetable capsule.

The second part that's important is the type of probiotic. I could sit here and explain every type of probiotic that it uses, but you're better off just going to their website and looking at it. I did research on top of what my doctor told me and I was absolutely amazed. Please do your own independent research, just don't take my word for it, it's the best stuff around. Many of their probiotics are plant based, and they are completely shelf stable. They do not need to be refrigerated. Most other probiotics that are shipped to you that are not refrigerated are sure to primarily be dead bacteria. A bonus of being plant based is that Probacto is Vegan, gluten free, and free of soy, wheat, tree nuts, dairy (A BIG ONE), and shellfish. So if you can't handle that Kefir or Yogurt because you cannot handle dairy, then seriously consider Probacto.

Besides having very expensive high quality bacteria, Probacto probiotics also contain prebiotic as well. The prebiotic contained in Probacto is called Isomalto-Oligosaccharide (IMO), and it's the highest quality prebiotic available on the market. Your bacteria is at it's weakest and needs to survive. Other prebiotics will feed candida, but not IMO which is completely non-gmo, gluten and sugar free. If I was only going to buy a prebiotic, I would look to buy IMO.

The final ingredient that Probacto has is a yeast cleanse. While it's not always necessary it's absolutely great to have something to clean the yeast in our bodies. It will digest the yeast so you will experience less candida die off (and you will experience some), but besides that it will actually eat the yeast itself, not just what the probiotics kills. If you do suffer or experience candida die-off (which I do), then I really recommend their product candidaoff. That helped get rid of my die-off almost instantly.

So that's my quick input on what Probacto is and why it's the greatest probiotic. In terms of how it helped me, that is something completely different. I started taking a low dose, and eventually moved to the full dose once I realized my body could handle it. I'm not a big pill taker, but you get used to it, especially when you feel better and healthier every day you go through life.

Since using Probacto, I've been able to have regular bowel movements (not run to the bathroom randomly with explosive diarrhea), better digestion, less psoriasis, less bloating, and I lost weight. I'm still not 100% where I need to be, but I can't imagine life without it now.

Edit: Apparently there is a new supplement called CFort10 that is an antifungal that they sell. I've been taking it, and it's amazing. I will be writing a separate review for it in the future.