I used Canxida and this is my canxida remove review

Let’s just say my life was miserable and currently, I’m much, much better. That shows CanXida Remove is a good measure against Candida. It’s also good for people recovering from any symptoms of adrenal fatigue, cfs, recurring yeast infections and parasites.

I survived a car crash sometime back. Not much injury – just on-skin damage. I was in hospital for 2 weeks and doctor put me on hardcore antibiotics which I can understand why. All I know is I turned pretty lethargic following the accident and work suffered big time and I started having weird symptoms.

Another three months and my stomach didn’t feel right. I lost a lot of weight and I noticed spaghetti giving me bowel cramps and movements. It continued for some time and then I experienced loose motions after just any other food that goes in. The antibiotic took it away for a while only to return bigger and badder. So the doc told me its IBS and prescribed antacids, multi-vitamins and probiotics for at least 40 weeks.

To cut things short, I was in a hellhole. Irate, anxious, hungry but bloated and all sorts of evil things you can imagine of. This time I tried everything from juice detoxes to coffee cleanse, nothing went good. The only thing I could eat this time was meat, potato and rice steamed together with some pungent spices and lots of salads. Eggs too, but no dairy unless its milk curd or yoghurt. However, my digestion was weak and an OBT detected 80% undigested food.

Searching for my symptoms I found this video on youtube which talks about how to know if you have candida. I never searched for candida I was searching for something related to bloating, gas and fatigue but this video was there on page 2, once I watched the video and did further research about signs and symptoms of candida I was 99% sure I had now developed candida overgrowth because of the antibiotics.

I don't want to bore you with my story but while watching the video I did my research for natural antifungals as I found it to be the solution and I found canxidaremove.

I have been using canxidaremove product for approximately 12 weeks now; I've discovered that my candida albicans signs and symptoms have been drastically decreased without having any side effects.

I'm as well consuming additional supplements to aid support and stabilize my gastrointestinal system (that has been way out of harmony for a while now), so luckily I didn't go through any awful cleansing side effects beside the usual side effects that one experience from candida itself.

However, the greatest thing about CanXida Remove is perhaps unlike many of the others, it doesn’t just kill candida and wash hands off; it makes the ground and keeps the food ready for the probiotic bacteria to prosper.